Patient Testimonies

Before having a knee replacement, I had very limited movement of my left leg. After going to therapy at MCH, I have returned to normal activity. Having had two knee replacements with the rehab at MCH, I can attest that they do an excellent job. Everyone is very knowledgeable on your plan of therapy. If I had another bum knee, I’d look forward to coming back to MCH therapy for rehab.

Before therapy, I was miserable and couldn’t hardly sit or getting up from a chair because I had so much pain. After the right exercises, heat, and electrical stimulation, now I am able to sit, bend, and touch my toes without pain. Therapy is the quickest way to return to normal. I really appreciate the therapists. They really listened to my complaints and were very kind and caring.

Before starting therapy, I wasn’t able to lift by foot and leg when sitting or lying down. It was very difficult getting in and out of vehicles, and I wasn’t able to drive. I had therapy so I wouldn’t have to depend on my grandchildren so much. After therapy, I am now able to do things on my own, It is getting easier to get into and out of a vehicle. I would encourage others to give therapy a try. Therapy may hurt at times and make you tired, but it helps in the long run. MCH therapy workers are very friendly and helpful.

After a fall, I was unable to dress myself, wash my hair, or even bathe without help because of my hand and shoulder pain. Every movement of my right arm, hand, and wrist was painful. I went to therapy hoping to regain enough of my arm and hand to be able to care for my mother as well as be able to take care of myself. During therapy, OT helped the most with the hand using exercises, rubbing the joints and tendons, and helping with swelling. PT did ASTYM on my shoulder. It was amazing what that did for me. Theraband exercises have done wonders for my strength and the ASTYM improved my flexibility. Since therapy, I am now able to be self-sufficient again. I am able to care for my mother as well as the rest of my family. I am able to drive, dress, and lift a wheelchair. I am pretty much back to where I was before the fall. In fact, in some areas, I am better than I was. MCH therapy gave me my life back. Their goal is to relieve the pain and frustration that comes with injury. The therapists I worked with were very helpful, encouraging, optimistic, and compassionate. I could not have had better help on my journey back to ‘normal’.

Before therapy, I no longer could walk or sit for more than 30 minutes because of my knee pain. Consequently, I had become very inactive. When going to therapy, they explained what each activity did to get you back to full range of motion. They were all so encouraging that you wanted to achieve more each visit. After therapy, I have become much more active. I no longer have to bow out of activities because of my knee pain. I can’t imagine anyone would find a better team anywhere. We are lucky to have them at our hospital. I dreaded going to therapy a first, but then I was sad when my last session came.

I had so much pain if I moved that I didn’t feel like doing any of my normal activities. I went to therapy hoping there would be a reduction of pain and improvement of flexibility. After hands on manipulation of my neck and beck and provided exercises I am now back to doing my previous activities without much discomfort. My advice for other people is to not hesitate. Therapy can help you no matter what your problem may be. Thanks to the staff for being encouraging and positive.

Before therapy, I wasn’t able to walk or stand for extended period of time. I wanted to return to Silver Sneakers and Water Therapy. After going to physical therapy, I am now able to go shopping and attend sporting events. I feel like therapy helped me to get active again. Physical Therapy is a great addition to Morris County Hospital.

I was very close to having to go to the nursing home. I couldn’t get up from a chair, my muscles were very weak, and I had a fall. I went to therapy wanting to gain strength to be able to continue living at home safely. After therapy, I was less tired and had more stamina. I don’t have to use the wheelchair anymore. I would recommend therapy to other people. Your balance and muscle strength will improve if you work with the therapists and do the exercises at home.

My legs from my knees down were swelling. I went to therapy to help get the swelling down. The exercises given and the compression socks helped the most. I continue to do therapy exercises at home and use the socks at night to help control the swelling. The Rehab Center have lots of equipment and really good therapists.

I was in pain all of the time. I didn’t use my shoulder much at all. The pain made me feel depressed too. I knew therapy would make me better than when I started. All of it helped. The therapist kept pushing me. I am now not grumpy and down in the dumps anymore. I enjoy my yardwork once again. I would encourage others to have surgery sooner and to do exactly as the therapists tell them to do.